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Peter de Savary, Hospitality/Club/Resort/ Leisure/Hotel Projects

In the field of hotels, golf, equestrian, spa, recreational, restaurants, yachts, marinas hospitality, villas, apartments & hotel leisure amenities and private membership clubs

The above 35 Hotel/Resort/Hospitality de Savary projects include 7 new championship golf courses and 3 marinas. The hotels range from five star boutique up to 550 guest rooms. Individually the properties vary in acreage up to 8,500 acres.

Peter de Savary has advised, bought and sold a further 31 hotels internationally. His experience ranges over 61 hotels, Resorts & marinas. Lana de Savary, Peter de Savary’s wife, assists with all the UK properties whilst Peter de Savary particularly concentrates on all the overseas properties.

The de Savary team are a turnkey comprehensive group covering vision, conception, design, engineering, permitting, construction, furnishing, landscaping and all infrastructure services. Finance, marketing, training, operational management, sales and public relations are all included in the turnkey approach which is the hallmark of de Savary projects.

In addition Peter de Savary has developed internationally a great many residential real estate projects. These are always unique, unusual and of high quality.

“It’s all about lifestyle, passion, quality, value, luxury & charm.”