Peter John de Savary

Born 11 July 1944 on a farm in England; married with five daughters.

Peter de Savary is a well known international entrepreneurial businessman, who, since the age of 16, has applied his skills in many areas, including the petroleum industry, shipping, shipyards, property, import/export and the club and hospitality industry amongst others. His activities have spanned three continents.

Peter de Savary has been responsible for the regeneration of substantial areas of industrial waste land into very successful projects both in the UK and USA. As the driving force and chairman of various companies he was responsible for the success of thirteen shipyards and established a significant international ship refuelling company and has been at the helm of three oil refineries. His extensive agricultural experience includes the management of Royal and Government farms in the Middle East. He is used to leading and motivating teams from just a few to several thousand people.

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