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The “Portofino” of the Caribbean.

Port Louis

It may be a fantastic spa, a superb ski resort or a funky beach on an island in the Indian Ocean. Very rarely, does a number one “must-do” destination have all the ingredients required for longevity; we’re thinking of St Tropez of the 50’s, Martha’s Vineyard of the 60’s, Costa Smeralda in the 70’s and Barbados in the 80’s.

Port Louis is set to be become all of this and more. A Mecca for the aficionado.

Peter de Savary has recognised a yet untapped opportunity on the unspoilt island of Grenada. As Chairman and Founder of Port Louis, de Savary will oversee the entire US$500 Million project. Inviting a number of joint venture partners, he stresses the importance of the vibrant and international identity of Port Louis through its marketing focus. The new community will capture the warmth, charm and spirit of Grenada.