The Club King

“When you genuinely look death in the eye twice, you know that nothing’s going with you, and life is but a thread. It’s a pretty tenuous thing we’re hanging on to. So, what is the point of making money? I concluded it certainly isn’t for accumulating it. That’s the most stupid thing I ever heard of. So, there can be only one point, and that’s to spend it. Now, I’m not ridiculously wasteful, but I may be slightly extravagant. As Andrew Carnegie said, to die rich is to die disgraced.”

That approach to life has led de Savary to do things in a somewhat unconventional way. And despite, or perhaps because of, the trauma of his two near-death experiences, he manages to focus on doing things that give him pleasure, like cigar smoking.

“I’ve been smoking cigars for 42 years,” says de Savary, recounting a story of how his father got him to quit smoking cigarettes by giving him a big fat cigar at the age of 16 and telling him to inhale deeply. It didn’t work quite like it was supposed to. De Savary loved the experience, and he’s been smoking cigars ever since. “I probably smoke between seven to 10 a day. I alternate between a double-corona size, and a Partagas D4 or robusto size. It’s probably about two-thirds double coronas and one-third the nice, shorter ones.”

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